Unidentified Flying Object and Silver White Overalls Essay

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Another reason people believe aliens exist is because they had encounters them self. Some skeptics think that there are people in the world today whose imagination is so wild that when they have an idea it comes to them as a voice or sometimes visible figures. Skeptics may also believe that people have mental problems or are taking drugs.
When people talk about alien one topic comes up. What people see and can’t explain, as I said sometimes people don’t believe what people say because they’re background or other problem. Most people will believe what happens to a group of people or a News report. People still have the sense of there being live out there in the universe.
This incident happened were many people had witnessed UFOs flying in the sky. “During the night of August 2 1965 thousands of people in the Midwestern United States from North Dakota down to Texas, saw whole formations of colorful disc shaped objects over them. Motorists stopped their cars in the middle of the road and got out to watch the spectacular show in the sky. Whole families ran out of their houses to watch. Radio and TV programs were interrupted to announce that shining discs were flying above their stations.”(Hesemann 144) Someone who witnessed the UFOs said this next quote. “It looked like a bright source of light mostly white .it seemed as if it was enveloped in a greenish glow. The UFO flashed and then shone red, white and blue when it flew off towards the west.”(Hesemann 144)

Another thing that happens to people when they encounter aliens is abductions. Like the story of Moody a veteran of the Vietnam War he had a abduction experience when he was looking in the sky.” During the following weeks Moody told the Lorenzens members of the APRO (Aerial Phenomena Research Organization) the experiences of the August 13 came slowly back into his conscious memory. At first he remembered the beings, 5 feet tall, humanoid, with disproportionately large bald heads, small noses and ears, thin lips, all dressed in black overalls, with the exception of the one who was apparently their chief and wore silver white overalls. Shortly after, Moody started to remember details of the abduction. He almost had the feeling that “ they “ were controlling the return of his memories.”(Hesemann 452)
This next story is of Travis Walton a member of a tree cutting crew.” Late one afternoon at the close of a working day, the men saw a light that they soon concluded was a UFO. Travis inexplicably walked toward the object, whereupon a beam shot out of the UFO and immobilized him. In a panic, the other crew members raced to their trucks and drove off. Soon after feeling guilt over having abandoned their friend, they returd to find he had disappeared. An extensive search for travis was mounted by police, but turning…