Essay Unified Codes of Behavior for Soccer

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Unified Codes of Behavior for Soccer Soccer, or football to most of the world, has been one of the oldest sports in the history of the world. It is by far the most viewed, played, and biggest attendance sport throughout the countries, with the exception of the USA. Being the biggest sport in the world means having the biggest fan base as well. This sport has become as close to many fans hearts just as the bible can change people who read it. In this paper, the reader will understand how soccer has changed throughout the years, what the ideals of a unified code are in this sport, as well as the differences and similarities between youth and professional. Many people have heard the saying, "soccer is a gentlemen's sport, played by …show more content…
Journalists are one of the worst types of people according to the firms and when they realize who he was in college, is when everything goes downhill. When playing any sport as a child, the parents strive for their child to do well and sometimes they take it a little too far. It isn't uncommon for parents to yell at referee's in a match, however, there have been accounts of parents taking it to the extreme. Parents have thrown things at referee's, walked onto the field and pushed referee's, and have even gotten into physical fights with the ref's. These are things that have taken the sport to the extreme and need to be dealt with. For one, these type of behaviors set bad images for their children and are viewed by others as immature and dumb. In no way should the referee be contacted by a parent, this is the job of the coach and should be dealt with in an accordingly manner. The only difference seen between the youth and professional soccer games dealing with crowds is the parent to gang type relevance. In youth's they have the parents that start the fights, and with professional games they have the firms. These fights will always be around unless FIFA, Federation International Football Association, put more extreme punishments to the leagues and teams for such behavior. They have some tolerance of some things, such as fining a professional team, however, this doesn't