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Isaac Diaz
There is a debate today about whether or not uniforms should be required in high school. Some people say this would be a violation of individual rights and not help the school environment at all. Others say uniforms will benefit students. High school students should be required to wear uniforms.
First, uniforms will help disciple the students. For example, uniforms will make students focus more, instead of worrying about their clothes. Grades will improve because students will be focused on schoolwork, not on what classmates are wearing.
Students will be dressed more professionally giving them a lot of self­confidence and self­disciple. Uniforms can also increase student’s manners and make them more respectful toward their fellow classmates. Uniforms can make a huge impact in not only the student, but also the school. Schools who encourage students to wear uniforms can reflex a positive outlook in their academic and behavior status. Students who feel equal, and have one less worry about how hectic the schools social life is now and days can provide a lot more to the school as well as their grades.
Second, uniforms can have a decrease the bullying that goes on in some schools.
Uniforms will stop bullying because they promote a sense of equality. Students often feel discriminated when the attend school, because of what they decided to wear to school that day. Students will feel more comfortable going to school knowing other students

won’t pick them on. Some of the wealthier students with better clothes can pick on and exclude some students who have cheaper clothes making them not want to put as much effort into their school work. Wearing uniforms can decrease the amount of bullying there is in schools. In fact, the results of uniforms will not only get rid of the struggle of equality between students, but it will result in improving scholastic achievements.
Promoting a sense of equality