Unigoffan Short Stories

Words: 1062
Pages: 5

“Cody?” I yelp with anger and shock. In the place of where Sisel was, Cody now lies. He is unconscious. “Cody,” I say again, but this time growling. Not even noting that I should not take another’s life. My mind seems to be clouded by something. I start to slowly walk over to Cody’s while raising my sword in the air. I lift it high in the air and thrust the tip down, only to be flung back across the room.
“I knew you were just like the other human. “ The dragon voice booms. “Trying to kill Sisel!” His lips pull back in a snarl, and he pounces on me. I raise my sword in the air, causing his paw to be stabbed. Howling, he rears back and slices at me with an enormous claw. I drop to the floor to avoid death. Popping back up again, I make a stupid
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I think we should find out why you tried to kill her. There’s no point in sitting here weeping, when the person who caused this is still alive.” The dragon explains vengefully.
“What is your name?” I ask.
“Unigoffan.” He states.
“Yes, Unigoffan, I did feel magic and we do need to catch the killer. I also do want to sit here and weep.” I finish with my voice breaking. Sisel’s …
“Levi!” The dragon snaps. “Do not dwell. I find it helps nothing. I will give you a week to grieve after we figure out how this happened. Sisel is dead. I don’t know why or how exactly all the events in this dilemma played out but we will find out.” The dragon, Unigoffan, tells me. He says it in a no nonsense voice but his voice did slow down when he spoke about Sisel. It is this detail that makes me not explode at him for his the manner his is conducting himself in. I’m assuming dragon’s deal with grief differently than humans.
“Okay, let us figure out what happened.” I say softly. I stop thinking about how this is all my fault. I stop thinking about who’s body I am holding in my arms. I start thinking that first we need to bury her, and then we need to sort through what exactly just occurred.

“What happened after that Grandpa?” The little boy