Unimed and Edumed Essay

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Case study UniMed and EduMed 1. What are the key markets factors that drove UniMed’s business model?
UNIMED Medical Supplies is an expert supplier of therapeutic supplies and extras item. The organization built up following 2002 by Dr. Zachary and his child Oscar. Plan of action of UniMed's make the business sector engaging quality by enter United States and Europe. UniMed's main goal is was to drastically enhance restorative administrations for patients living in the Middle East by making Western pharmaceutical promptly available. UniMed's business idea was to join telemedicine capacities with a world class system of restorative organizations and doctors to make a productive medicinal administration. By giving access to a broad
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Continuing medical education “CME” activities may take place as live events, written publication, online program, audio, video r other electronic media. For these program is developed, reviewed and delivered by faculty who are experts in their individual clinical areas. By 2005 EduMed had secured 12 “CME” project throught the middle East with many multinational pharmaceutical companies as clients and the founders had finally recouped their investment in UniMed.

6. What were the opportunities with EduMed
EduMed prepares students for an entry level position in less than 6 months. EduMed has the fastest training courses in Medical Assistant, Phlebotomy and Pharmacy Technician which results in finding a job. At EduMed classes are small which allows students to be part of the learning process and be prepared to enter the chosen career. Students participate and find learning can be fun as well as productive in this environment. Each Student brings life lessons and experiences which teachers will utilize in the classroom and lab exercises. Students are not a number but an active part of the classroom and will make the difference in others lives. EduMed concentrate on specialties such as Pediatrics, GI, Neurology, Dermatology and many more.

7. For EduMed to be success what seem to be required?
Build the company required to keep feel the needs and wants both the customers and doctors. One of the most