Unique Bracelets And Unique Relationship

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Niuniu Zhang
Social Gospel Period G
Unique bracelet, unique relationship
My relationship with God, relationship with others, and relationship with myself are intertwining with each other; they are indivisible, like the bracelet. If one part of a string is twisted in a wrong way, that part of whole bracelet becomes loosened and less coherent. This indicates that if people have trouble dealing with any one of those three relationships, people will have difficulty handling the other two relationships. For example, if a person often lies to other people, he is fooling himself and not being responsible to himself at the same time. He is also lying to god and disobeying what god expects him to do. There is another example: if a person always gets angry at other people, he is not happy, and people around him often become dispirited. It also contradicts God’s will, because god wants him to spread his positive influence, not negative one.
I am not perfect, and my relationship with others is not perfect. Imperfectness makes me unique. While Michael and I were making the bracelet, we made many mistakes: we twisted too much for some parts of strings, and too little for other parts. At the last procedure of making bracelet, the unevenly twisted strings formed a weird shape. It is not perfect, but the way it is represents my own friendship with others. There were some little twists in my friendship with others, but at the end, everything turns out to be ok. Those little twists characterize my personality, and my relationship with others. Generally, though there might many been some little twists with other people, I have been always happy. Those