Unit 002 Essay

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Unit 002
Outcome 1 AC1 Describe the duties and responsibilities of own role
In my setting I believe my responsibilities is to make a safe, happy, positive environment in which children can be cared for. and include encourages education and positive learning.
My main duties as a apprentice in my nursery setting is to work as a member of the pre-school team, creating a safe, constructive and stimulating environment for the children we care for. It is also to meet the children’s individual needs, appropriate to their age and their level of educational development. I should also be involved in the setting up and clearing away at the start and end of each day. And also to ensure that toys and equipment that we own are maintained, clean and safe to play with or use. It is in my contract to attend and take part in staff and other relevant meetings. at the end of the day I am responsible to communicate with parents and careers of my key worker children in a positive, constructive manner and pass on any appropriate information.

AC2 Identify standards that influence the way the role is carried out
Care Standards Act 2000
Domiciliary Care Regulations 2002
Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992
Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999
Codes of Practice
National Occupational Standards

AC3 Describe ways to ensure that personal attitudes or beliefs do not obstruct the quality of work
Every individual has unique attitudes and beliefs that they strongly believe. Many of these are picked upon from when we were a young age. The way we are raised and the behaviors we are shown whilst growing up and developing will have a strong influence on the opinions we will have. For example I grew up in a house surrounded by a family who did not believe in any religion, therefore my opinions on the Christian religion is minimal. Another example of this if a child grows up around a lot of violence they may consider that violence is acceptable form of behavior when dealing with difficult situations. Children who grow up in a households were relationships do not last and there have been many people in their lives stepping in as a parent role are likely to grow up finding it difficult to maintain relationships themselves. Whilst apparently children who grow up around loving secure relationships are likely to go on to also form these types of relationships. But in another breath a person's attitudes and beliefs will also come from their own experiences. Attitudes and opinions can be very personal just as a person’s beliefs are. Many people take their religious beliefs very seriously especially about what their religious beliefs say about the way people should dress, eat, behave and what is right and wrong. Every religion has different right and wrong, although everyone is entitled to have their own opinions and beliefs it is important that they don't have a dramatic or negative impact on a person’s work. In the workplace it is unlikely to agree with all of the beliefs of all the people you work with both adults and children. However, when working with children it is important to put your beliefs and religion and attitude behind you be a positive role model by putting your own personal attitudes and beliefs to one side and respecting, promoting and responding positively to the people you work with.
Outcome 2
AC1 Explain why reflecting on work activities is an important way to develop knowledge, skill and practice
Reflection on my own work is important because it allows me to identify areas where needs improving and it allows me to notice in specific areas I need training in to ensure myself and make myself more comfortable and confident in a situation.