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Listed below are factors that can affect a child’s development

Environmental Factors

Factor or condition
Community-level determinants

Does the child have space to play and explore?
Is there over crowding?
Is there green space such as parks where children can platy?
Is there evidence of community building?

Is the child safe from injury or contaminants?
Are there any housing conditions contributing to ill health such as moisture and mould?
Is the community safe from crime and environmental pollution?
Is there housing support for low income families?e from crime and environmental pollution?g to ill health sush as

Does the child have adequate clothing eg a warm coat in winter?
Is the family experiencing financial stress?
Are there low cost community programmes for children and families?
Are social assistance programs and subsidies available and accessible to those in need?

Does the child receive adequate nutrition? Fresh fruit/veg
Is the family a single parent family or do they rely on one income?
Does the community provide secure access to food such as food banks?
Do programs exist that provide subsidies for food?

Does the child have quality child care when parents are working?

Do families especially single parents, have child care stress?
Does the community have high rates of employment?
Is there equality income?

Do families have meaningful and adequate employment?

Do families have to commute to access meaningful employment?


Does someone read and play with the child?
What level of education do family members have?
Is parental engagement in early education encouraged in the community?
Are programs in place to keep adolescents in school and improve their education?

Does the child have access to books and toys that stimulate literacy development?
Do families have practices and beliefs that encourage literacy development?
Are there options for adults and family education?

Does the child attend quality early childhood education programs?
Do families have access to early childhood education programs?

Is early childhood education valued and supported through policies practice?

Biological Factors

Factor or condition
Community-level determinants

Is the child a boy or girl? Boys and girls tend to develop and learn differently
Is there evidence of gender stereotyping, or abuse in the family?
Are woman and men from various cultures and backgrounds evident as community leaders?
Are woman’s rights, woman’s equality an children’s rights protected?
General Health
Was the child born with a healthy birth weight? Being born small or large for gestational age is limked to obesity and chronic disease.
How was the mother’s preconception and prenatal health?
Is there access to health services in the community?
Is there universal access to quality health and speciality services for children?

Does the child have a medical condition?
Do family members have chronic conditions? Parents with disabilities may require added support
Is there community support for people with disabilities?
Is there adequate financial and program support for families with disabilities?
Mental Health
Does the child have a warm and nurturing