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brendanUnit 027

Outcome 1
Support children and young people’s Health and Safety

Understand how to plan and provide environments and services that support children and young people’s health and safety.


Unit 066 (2.4)

Unit 066 (2.2)

1.3 + 1.4

When planning a healthy and safe indoor or outdoor environments and services there is factors that have to be taken into consideration. Factors to be taken into consideration are the individual needs, age and abilities of the children, this would be taking into consideration where the classroom has 3 or 4 year groups in the class and we have to ensure the activity an environment is suitable for all the children to play. We have to ensure that the environment is a healthy environment and that the children are not at risk to a severe injury or hurting themselves. If the activity is an indoor activity we need to ensure that there is enough light for the children to work and play as some children find it hard to focus if the lights in the area they are working in are not appropriate to them being able to learn. Within the indoor setting we have to ensure that there is enough ventilation with in the setting, if there is almost 30 pupils in a room with staff the room can become stuffy and a lack of oxygen so each room has to be able to provide enough ventilation so the if the room need to gain air they can do so by opening a window or door to allow this to happen. Within the setting we have to ensure there is enough staff for the ratio of children within the school, this is to ensure that all children are cared for and if something was to happen that there is enough supervision. Within the environment the children are in the child needs to have sufficient space with a primary the minimum space for a child is 2.3 metres squared. Each space needs to be large enough so each child has free movement and that there play is safe and energetic play but also if the child wants to have a quiet time they can also have a place in which they can do so.
Within this act we have to make aware of the children’s welfare and knowing whereabouts of the children. In the morning a register is taken to know who is present and then it means we can contact parents to see if the child is coming in or is sick. Registers are also effective when it comes to fire drill takes place to ensure all pupils are present. If a child goes home early this will also be documented on the register meaning that again we can determine who is in the school if an evacuation was to take place the staff is in the school always be in the lookout to know who is taking the children out of school and collecting them out of school if it is not the usual person the schools asking the parents to contact them to let them know as they don’t want to let the children go home with someone the staff doesn’t know.
The health and Safety at work Act 1974 is here to make Health and Safety everybody’s responsibility, and to promote safety awareness and to help people work together to keep each other safe. In my school they have a policies and procedures to keep to the guidelines of the act in place. Within the school there are duties in which the principal has to provide to ensure that guidelines are keep these are then broke down into regulations which have to be closely monitored by all staff.
COSHH Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 1994. COSHH regulations involve the handling of toxic and harmful substances to ensure they are kept out of the way of the children and not to cause harm to them or staff. Within my school setting all the toxic and hazardous are locked in the caretakers cupboard and are only assessable by the caretaker and the principal, if any of the other members of staff need a product from the store they have to contact the principal to gain assess. This prevents any children gaining assesses without permission and that the