Unit 027 Outcome 1 Essay

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Outcome 1

Understand how to plan and provide environments and services that support children and young people's health and safety.

In my workplace setting there are several main factors to consider when planning a healthy and safe environment both indoors and out. As I work one o one with a boy in P2 in a composite class where the ages range from 4-6, I need to take into account their age and his abilities that may be a little different from the other children as he has special needs. I also need to take into account any sensory impairments as due to Blake being on the autism spectrum he has sensory issues and is particularly sensitive to sound, touch, smell and light. I manage this by ensuring he has his wobble board seat when required and that the curtains are shading any bright sunlight. I also try to keep my voice calm and low so that Blake will too and the noise level in the classroom will not go up. I ensure that my seat is near enough to him but also giving him space and freedom to be independent . When the bell goes the children line up in the playground and I meet him to do this although the gates are locked and there is always a member of staff patrolling the playground from a certain time. I make sure Blake has hung his coat up and that there are none on the floor for him to trip over, I also make sure that he puts his school bag under his desk and that his lunch bag is where it should be and that his bottle top is secure. I also make sure that when he sits on his chair he doesn't swing on it and that he faces the front. Once he has been marked present and checked for dinner money etc Blake can prepare for his day. In our school setting if Blake was off sick their parents phone in and inform the secretary so that they can be marked absent. There are contact details forms kept in a file in the office. There are also forms there for any of the children who have allergies or special needs. There are also information and forms there to record injuries or accidents. A visitors book is in reception and everyone who visits the school has to sign in for the purpose of their visit.

Health and safety is monitored and maintained at our school by all members of staff both teachers and non teaching. The patrol man guides the children across the road and Blake knows that when he is being brought to school by his day care nursery he has to hold their hand and wait to cross the road with the lollipop man. Once in the school there is a caretaker who ensures that the school is clean and warm for the children's comfort and safety. In our classroom we make sure that there are no spillages and that all the toys are in good repair and every term we wash and disinfect the toys. We also practice hand washing at the sink in our classroom and there is always a regular supply of hand soap and towels. We are aware of procedures if a child is sick or injured and there is a first aid box and first aid trained person on the premises. All equipment we use is age appropriate and marked with the British Standards Safety kite mark and any materials used such as sand and playdoh are non toxic. All furniture is in good condition and equipment stored safely and stacked correctly.

Outside is kept clean and litter free and there are rules for dropping off the children and collecting that there is only the designated person noted by the school can do so. Any changes to this and