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Maintaining a Database Lab Analysis
Capella University
Professor Chrisman

Prior to this course my experience with Microsoft Access was limited to create address book and toying with it here and there for fun. What I would say that I have learned about creating and maintaining a database would be substantial, even though I am not quite good at the process yet, would be how records function within a database, designing a database using Datasheet view and Design view, how to create Queries, Reports, and forms.
Basically, I learned every step that I now am used to with from my readings and resources. I could not have completed my assignments without it. I learned how to create and maintain records within a database create and run queries, setting values of line items, creating split forms, reports, adding and deleting records, importing and exporting external files, and specifying referential integrity of the database.
An application that I can associate with the skills that I have exercised in this lesson to real life would be creating contact list of family member locations, setting values to find members in certain area’s or specific branch of family members, creating invoices to automation sum totals owed with amounts paid, taxes, and remaining balance, creating a home inventory list to sort records by floor, room, like items, indoor vs. our door.
Overall, I am becoming more comfortable with how Access works, even if I am not that good at the process at