Unit 043 Essay

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Unit 043
Outcome 1
Explain why it is important to take into account carer’s preferences for the physical care of babies and young children
2. It is important to take into account carers preferences for the physical care of babies and young children because we could upset the parent/carer or go against a religious believes or disturb a home routine. For example if a parent has specifically asked for a child not to be given a comforter or a dummy and a member of staff would go against that parents instruction, it could upset the parents and make them loose trust within the staff.
Outcome 2
Identify the principles of toilet training
Proceed slowly
Read ‘rediness’ signals from a child.
Give a child a feeling of positive participation, control and independence.
Do not use negative words like “stinky” or “dirty” to talk about poo.
Never pressure or force a child.
Praise a child for every step in the right direction
Keep your attitude positive.
Do not punishing or criticizing a child.

Outcome 3
Describe the procedures for reporting concerns about the welfare of babies and young children.
4. Following the Safeguarding Children Policy and Procedure I would observe a child if I had any concerns for that child’s welfare, for example if a child was coming into our setting everyday with unwashed hair and the same dirty clothes throughout the whole week. I would have to take some steps. After observing a child for a while I would then inform my line manager Annie. And then if further steps need to be taken then she would pass on information to Gill, who is a safeguarding manager.
Outcome 4
AC1 Identify the nutritional needs of babies
Vitamin D
Omega 3s
Vitamin A,B,C and E
AC2 Describe the principles of weaning
The principles of weaning are to gradually introduce foods, enable a baby to go on to a healthy diet. Studies have shown that without weaning a babies development in speech could be delayed as chewing and moving food around the mouth helps develop the speech. It's important to begin at roughly 6 months, you must also avoid foods with high allergenic such as…