Unit 066

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Unit 066
Outcome 1 Unit title: Promote Children’s Welfare and Well-being in Early Years
Outcome title: Understand the welfare requirements of the relevant years framework
There are a broad range of international and domestic legislation relating to child welfare and protection. In Northern Ireland we have to follow The Children (NI) Order 1995. It identifies the welfare of the child as being of paramount importance and sets Protection as one of the five key principles. It is the most comprehensive legislation ever introduced in Northern Ireland. As well as the Children Order 1995 the Education and Libraries (Northern Ireland) Order 2003 places a statutory on the Boards of Governors to :
Safeguard and promote the welfare of pupils
Have a written child protecting policy
Specifically address the prevention of bullying in school discipline policies Schools and child care setting have to follow the law under the UN convention on the right of the Child. Statutory guidance is a legal requirement stating the provider must take necessary steps for
Safeguarding and promoting children’s welfare. This is all about child protection and the provider must have policies in place and have a named Child protection officer who attends meetings. Must also promote the good health of the children, take necessary steps to prevent the spread of infection and take appropriate action when they are ill. Under this area should think about medicines, Illness and injury, food and drink and smoking. suitable premises, environment and equipment – Premises both inside and out should be properly maintained, be safe and secure for the use of the children and daily risk assessments carried out.
Suitable people – All staff working with children are suitable to do so and have been correctly checked (Police check) and have the correct qualification appropriate to job role. Should comply with staff ratios.
Proper documentation – records that are keep for each child including contact details parents, medical problems and if medication needs to be administer.
Organisation to promote children’s learning and development following the Northern Ireland curriculum guidelines. As well as Statutory guidance there is Non-statutory Guidance that must be followed and this relates to good practice in the setting. Teachers and staff should follow the interests of the children and encourage them to see the links in their learning. Children should have opportunities to learn through well planned and challenging play.
Lines of reporting and responsibility within the work setting should have established line of responsibility and accountability. It is good practice to be familiar with the responsibilities and accountability of your colleagues as well as yourself. It is important to know who you are answerable to within the setting. All practitioners are responsible for health and safety within any setting. These responsibilities include
Take care of your own care and others
Working with your employer in respect of health and safety matters
Knowing about policies and procedures in your particular place of work
Not intentionally damaging any health and safety equipment or materials provided by the employer.
Reporting all accidents
Reporting any hazards immediately you come across them
Apart from your legal responsibility knowing how to act and being alert and vigilant at all times can prevent accidents, injury, infection and prevent death.
To report health and safety issues I would report to my class teacher who in turn report to the principle It is important to acknowledge that everyone has a responsibility to promote and safeguard the welfare of our children. Within the school setting certain people also have a specific role to play. The role of the School Principle has overall responsibility for day to day running of the school and includes the appointment and management of staff. The Principle should ensure that