Unit 082 Promote Creativity Essay

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Unit 082 Promote Creativity and Creative Learning in Young Children.

Outcome 1: Understand the concepts of creativity and creative learning and how these affect all aspects of young children’s learning and development. 1. Analyse the differences between creative learning and creativity.

Creativity involves being imaginative and original. Creative learning is about problem solving.
Creative Learning:

Creative learning is about how children are actively involved in their own learning and ability to make choices and decisions. This can be achieved through providing a creative environment allowing exploration through play and praising creative efforts. Creativity is about risk taking and making connections, allowing children to
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Knowing when to ask for help and starting a dialogue around what they are doing and using can help develop communication skills especially listening and taking direction. Finally all the mixing, chopping, kneading and picking up small cut up pieces are physically developing the fine motor skills, hand eye co-ordination and building hand and arm muscles.

Outcome 2: Be able to provide opportunities for young children to develop their creativity and creative learning. 1. Demonstrate in own practice how to promote creativity and creative learning

Promoting creativity and creative learning includes providing opportunities for:

* developing imagination and imaginative play- we have dressing up materials were the children can role play. * traditional creative arts – the children have access to drawing and painting materials. They also play with play dough and can use scissors to cut and glue to stick. * music, dance and movement- we teach the children nursery rhymes which the children sing along to, children have access to musical instruments which they can play with and explore. Children can dance to music when music is played at the nursery we play games such as musical statues. Children are developing their gross motor skills, balance and co-ordination. * areas of learning such as mathematics, problem-solving and exploration- we teach children their numbers and letters and read books with