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Support Teaching and Learning in Schools L3
Unit 1-2.3
Communicating with Children
Communicating with children is done by using simple, clear words phrases and sentences that is appropriate for their age and development. We should actively listening to what they say. We should positively respond to what they say and do and maintain interest and eye contact. Verbal and non-verbal language should be used. Praise is to be used when they do well and encouragement is to be used when the struggle. We must treat children with respect and politeness. Physical contact should not be encouraged, although it is difficult if it is the child who initiates it.
Communicating with Adults
Communicating with adults is done by using more complex words and sentences which is more appropriate to their age. We should be sensitive if they have communication difficulties. Facing a person with a hearing impairment would be polite so that they can lip-read. A degree of professionalism is required when communicating with adults. We can use different types’ communication. For example, we can write letters or send e-mails as well as the spoken word. We should avoid assumptions and always be polite and courteous. We should resolve poor communication by discussion summarising and confirming key points. We have to bear in mind confidentiality. We should comply with policies and procedures for sharing information.
Unit 1-2.4
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