Unit 1 Essay

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Unit 1

Settings (D1, D2)

Private nursery (under 5’s)
This is a private provision that is ran by people who own the nursery. These people pay for the nursery themselves and do not receive any government funding for supplies for their child care services. These people might own or rent a building to manage their nursery company. Private nurserys take on children who are three months to five years old, and you will normally find private day nursery’s at shopping centres or large companies. An example of a private day nursery is a crèche, ‘'where they are open fifty-one days out of the year and open at 7.30 in the morning’'. http://www.kiddi-creche.co.uk/fees.php. Private Day nurseries are profit making services. That are run by an owner or someone who has their own company. In some of the private day nurseries the government will help get some parents that are on low income and tax government savings to pay for their children’s education and care.

Children’s centre’s (under 5’s)
This is a statutory provision that comes from goverment funding, this means that all the supplies for the children's centre uses comes from the goverment funding. These centre's are for any children and family's that need advice or help on becoming a stronger family.''The centre offers a wide range of weekly fun activities for parents, carers and their children, all free of charge. It also offers a range of services, advice, and support for expectant parents, & teenage parents.'' (http://westderbychildrenscentre.co.uk/site/). In most children's centre's their will be a nursrey attached to the centre this will normally be for children under the age of five years old. Most parents will pay for this care for their children which is a small price to pay compared to other nursrey's in the city. Some of the parents that are on low income or recive diffrent benifits might be eligible for some goverment funding to help the parents give their child the best education and care they can. These children centre's are in diffrent places in the city to help parents give their children then best start in life. These centre's also offer sessions to the children and their parents or careers that help them receive advice about being young parents , depression or if the child or parent has a disability and many more. ''in the West Derby area, including support for parents such as advice on parenting and child development, local childcare options, and access to specialist services; a whole range of child and family health services from midwife and health visitor services to breastfeeding support; and helping parents into work and training as well as integrated child care and education''.(http://westderbychildrenscentre.co.uk/site/).During the checkup the GP will be able to check your child's weight , height, eating habbits and free advice. This serive is free once you have registed at the centre. Also the centre will hold groups like family fun time , bugs hunt, and get messy. All these sessions are free for children who are under five years old. This gives parents or careers a chance to spend time with their child , get advice and also let the children interact with the one another and become friends.
Statutory school primary (5-7)
This is a statutory provision ''public school funding is obtained from federal, state, and city funds. Over 46 percent of public spending on schools is derived from local government budgets. All this funding is derived from taxes from the citizens.''http://uk.ask.com/question/where-does-public-school-funding-come-from'' To buy items include whitebored, pens, files, computers , tabels, chairs and much more. These are services that are avilible to the law this means that the law requires that every pupil should be attending school on a regular bases and not be off unless they have permission from parents or the school.Also the law states that all children between the ages five to sixteen years old need to be educated and be in school