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Pass 1
For this assignment I will be researching 2 different organisations, ASDA and Oxfam. I will be writing about both their histories of the companies and some important facts. I will be finding out how many stores they have, how many staff, where their head office is, and their profits over the past 2 years.
ASDA was a local company until it was bought by an American company called Wal-Mart, which made it an international company. ASDA was founded by a group of Yorkshire farmers, after a successful time which saw them expand and then the company was created properly in 1949 In 1958 2 brothers called Peter and Fred Asquith they had opened their own little supermarket in Yorkshire. Within 5 years of them making this they had a chain of self service supermarkets. The 2 brothers had decided to offer permanent reductions and opening till 8pm on Fridays so they could make more money and help out their neighbourhood. In 1965 the Asquith’s did a deal to merge and create ASDA stores Ltd. They came up with the name by taking the first 2 letters of their names (Asquith + Dairies). In 1968 the Associated Dairies had bought ASDA off the Asquith brothers and in the end it became just 1 company. In the 1980’s times were very hard but ASDA was still very successful. They had opened 65 other stores, which led to George clothing being introduced. In 2000 during the busy decade the number of stores grew rapidly, as new areas had new ASDA business. In 2010 ASDA had over 100 new stores, and by august 2011 there were 523 ASDA store with many more on their way. ASDA has 523 stores by august 2011
.ASDA has employed Around 170000 staff.
ASDA’s head office is; ASDA House Southbank, Great Wilson Street Leeds LS11 5AD.
ASDA’s operating profit rose almost five per cent to £998.6m last year, excluding charges such as royalties to parent Wal-Mart.
ASDA as a company is in both the secondary and the tertiary sector. They are in the secondary sector as they turn their own raw materials into their own things, as they have their own in store bakery. They make breads, cakes, pastries and more. This makes this in the secondary sector. ASDA is also in the tertiary sector as they sell the products and services to the customers.
The purpose of ASDA is the provide services and products to all their customers. ASDA provide services such as food, electronics, clothing, and home wear. ASDA also do insurance, banking, mobiles and holidays.
ASDA is a profitable company as they use their money that they make by selling their products, for use for the business. ASDA has an aim of making a profit.
ASDA is in the private sector, it is under the Wal-Mart company which is a private sector. It is in the public limited in the ownership.

Oxfam is a Global company and they started up the company, not to make money but to make money to help others around the world. Oxfam made their first appeal in 1943; they had named it ‘Greek week’. Oxfam had made £10,700 but as of now it is more than £370,000 in current money. This was an incredible effort made during the wartime in Britain. In 1953 Oxfam made their first emergency response to disaster. In 1954 Oxfam had noticed that Africa was struggling in such places as Algeria, Kenya and Tanzania. Oxfam had decided to help out the struggling communities. Oxfam activities were launched in 1964 and their shops started selling handicrafts and Christmas cards made in poorer countries. They raised money by selling their products very cheap and donating all the money they had made into the poorer countries. Later on that decade Oxfam becomes Oxfam fair trade Company, The rest was history and a massive world changing