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Level 4 Diploma in Career Information and Advice
Preparing to work in the Career Information, Davie and Guidance Sector
The Prospects Group is a dynamic and enterprising organisation providing a wide range of education, employment and training services in the UK and internationally.
At the heart of what they do is the drive to improve the life chances, skills and aspirations of everyone we support.
Each year they touch the lives of more than a million people through the extensive range of high quality services.
The Prospects Group has an annual turnover in excess of £80 million and employs more than 1,400 skilled and professional staff.

National Careers Service in the community, offering advice on learning and work as prime provider in London, South West and West Midlands. In addition Prospects is a partner in Careers Yorkshire and the Humber

The National Careers Service provides information, advice and guidance to help people make decisions on learning, training and work opportunities. The service offers confidential and impartial advice. This is supported by qualified careers advisers like myself.
How we can help you?
We know that everyone has the ability and potential to develop and grow in their lives and careers. We also understand that sometimes things get in the way and can hold you back.
The National Careers Service website aims to: help you with careers decisions and planning support you in reviewing your skills and abilities and develop new goals motivate you to implement your plan of action enable you to make the best use of high quality career related tools.
Have you been made redundant and are unsure of your next move? Are you returning to work from time out? We can help.
Perhaps you have just finished college or university and are considering your next move. You might be unhappy in your current job and ready for a change, but not sure what. You might have been out of work for a while and looking for job hunting tips.
Whatever your situation, whatever your barriers, we’re here to help you overcome them and reach your potential.
We also realise that jobs these days need more skills and qualifications. This means making the right decisions about your learning and development is more important than ever. We’re here to help you build on your strengths, improve your weaker areas, and help you find a job or career that suits your skills and personality.
Career tools
Our website has all the career tools you need to make the right choices about your future. Read on and see which might be most useful for you. You can permanently store your results and records from all of these tools in a Lifelong Learning Account. Registration is free and only takes a few minutes. You need to be aged 13 or over to open a Lifelong Learning Account.
Lifelong Learning Account
Whether you know which course you want to do or you want to browse around for ideas, our Courses and learning section has tools and information for you. You can search through thousands of courses on our Course search. You can also find out which types of learning might suit you best, from Apprenticeships to flexible learning.
Course search
Types of learning
If you’ve found the course you want to do, you might want to know if you qualify for can get financial help. This could be for costs such as course fees, travel, equipment and day-to-day living costs. You can find out more about money issues in our funding advice section.
Funding advice
If you want to find out more about your strengths and personality type, and how they might help you perform well in certain types of jobs, try our Skills Health Check Tool. These are a set of online quizzes. They help you to work out what you're good at, what you like doing and how you like working. They can take a few hours to complete, but you don’t have to do it all at once. You can save where you’re up to and come back to it. At the end of the Skills Health Check you’ll get a report summarizing your results. This also