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Level 2 NVQ
Unit 1 – Manage own performance in a Business Environment.

Expanding on Answers:

1.1 Outline Guidelines, Procedures and codes of practice relevant to personal work.
Some of the policy’s I have to abide by at work are: Annual Leave policy, this is to ensure all employees know the correct way of booking of any holiday. Within my work place we have to gain permission for our line managers to able to take any holiday, this is recorded via paper based and also electronically.
Sickness Policy: this is to ensure any absences are recorded within HR, these absences will then go onto my file and also be within my appraisal. Again these are recorded both paper based and electronically.
Safeguarding policy

Within Weston College we are set guidelines that we must abide with. Some of these guidelines include the layout and front of letters which are being sent home. All letters must be in size 11 front and of an appropriate font all sent out on Headed paper.
Other guidelines include dressing appropriate and in a professional manor, wearing sensible shoes that will not cause issues when using stairs other guidelines include: taking care of any company property and not misusing it. Be respectful to all whom may be within the college and follow all correct policies and procedures.

1.5 Describe way of planning work to meet agreed deadlines.

To meet agreed deadlines the employee should make a list of all work that needs to be done with the date that it is required for completion also priories this list in the order that the work will need to be done.

You should plan ahead of what resources you will need and are available for example: equipment, information ect. The employee should never promise thy can deliver if they will not be able to. The employee must communicate with colleagues and team leader/ Manager if thy think that they’re not going to be able to complete by the required deadline, this might mean they are able to help and meet a new deadline.

Examples of planning work is by creating a written list they revising this list to priories. Also you could use the Email system and upload onto the calendar so you have set days and times were…