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Modern Systems Analysis and Design
Unit 0
Course Information


Information about me and the course

About me

Lab Teams and Class Registration List
Important Dates
Chapter 1
Work To-Do

Your Instructor- Leon Pan

More than 8 years university teaching in programming and software development

3 year at UFV

4 years at PUC
 1 year at UoR and First Nation University
 12 years senior programmer
 Experienced with helping students

Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in CS at Tianjin University
 PhD in CS at UoR

Your Instructor-Leon Pan

Contact me
 Tel:

(604) 504-7441 #4117

Important: Please don’t leave a voice message if I am not in the office. Instead, contact me by email.  Please send me another email if I haven’t responded to your email for two days

 Email:

Office: Room D3107

Your Instructor-Leon Pan

Help outside of class
 Telephone

or email
 Meeting (outside of class/office hours)
Usually by appointment ONLY
 As with email

Goal: Success of everyone
 Acquire

the knowledge and skills
 Apply them to solve problems
 Decent mark/grade
 Difficult, possible, and how?

Important Notices

I may send group eMail to your UFV “registered” address from time to time.
Check the CIS270 “NEWS” folder on Q: drive for notices regularly
ESPECIALLY when class has been cancelled!
 I’ll post important stuff there that can’t wait until the next class. 

If a class is cancelled I will post such information there in advance (if possible) but depending upon the nature as little as a few hours before class begins

I don’t post information about campus closures.

Documents and Textbooks

Course Documents

Copy and Open

Lecture Slides (Q:\CIS\Pan\CIS270\Unit_1)
IMPORTANT: Copy them to your computer before opening them. Textbooks


Modern Systems Analysis and Design


Systems Analysis and Design with UML

Syllabus—Expectations and others 

Refer the following topics in syllabus for details

Assignments and labs and Assignment Format

Important: Labs and assignments are due at the beginning of the class on the due date; late homework are NOT accepted.


You should attend every class.

Makeup Exams, Labs, and Assignments
 Examinations
 Special Consideration

Syllabus—Expectations and others (cont)
 Behavior

Any activity that distracts other class participants (especially during lectures) is not allowed. Disallowed activities include but are not limited to:
Playing games on the computer, cell phone, etc
 Surfing the internet (unless it is a part of the lecture and it has been told by the instructor)
 Use of email, texting or instant messaging programs
 Working on subjects not assigned by me

Set your cell phone to “Silent” and refrain from ANY distracting activity!

Syllabus—Expectations and others (continued)

Refer the following topics in syllabus for details
Academic Conduct
 Status change
 Disability
 Grading scheme

You must pass the final exam to pass the course

Other Things

A method of taking your work (lab & other) with you

A hard copy (you need to submit a hard copy)
Student drive – don’t work there directly; too slow
USB memory stick
A combination of these is highly recommended.
IMPORTANT: keep multiple copies of your work as losing your work does not allow you to make a late lab or assignment submission.
Make sure you bring your homework with you before coming to the class as leaving it at home does not allow you to make a late lab or assignment submission either.
Make sure you take everything with you when you leave the class room
(don’t lose your flash drive)

Plagiarism – to take and use the thoughts, writings, inventions, etc of another persons as ones own (Oxford 1990)
Do not COPY and PASTE other’s work
 Complete your work individually