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Statutory sectors are government funded services that has to provide for children and their families by law. Main services that are used by children and families are health and education. A setting that provides this for children in my local area is the Holy Cross Catholic Girls’ School. Their aims are to develop the academic, physical and spiritual need of all students. They care for those who have learning difficulties and those who have difficulties physically and give opportunities to participate in a wider variety of extra-curricular activities to increase their self-esteem and confidence.
Voluntary sectors are non-profit-making services. They are charities that are dependent on the public’s donations. An example of this is the Pre-School Learning Alliance which is a registered charity that aims to promote education and works for and receives funds from the local authorities. Oxfam is a voluntary setting in my local area. Oxfam believes that “everybody should be able to eat, drink, earn and learn.”( They help build and equip schools in less economical countries and provide them with food and drink. Oxfam helps communities lobby for government support for more children to get into local schools.
Private Sectors are profit making services that can also be seen in business. The profit they make will be distributed either back to the business. A private setting that is in my local area is the Honey Bees Day Nursery. The age range within the nursery is from 1 to 5 years. They provide the children with food and snacks. The staffs help them develop their learning capabilities, e.g. the children’s table manners, knowing what’s right and wrong, how to respect others.
Each type of setting identified in E1 supports the children and their families in many ways. A nursery cares for children physically, emotionally and for their health. The nursery supports the parents by telling them how their children have been. They give the children plenty of play opportunities and provide them with healthy food, fruits and vegetables ensuring they receive nutritious meal daily. The children have a key person who will plan out activities to do and provide the children with emotional care, giving them cuddles and hugs.
Holy Cross Girls’ School support the families and their children differently. The school supports the children in a more formal manner, the children are now older, and their emotional care would be different and is unlikely for them to get any personal comforting from teachers. There would be school nurses to look after those who are sick. The school also supports the families by having their child in school enables them to work, having parent’s evenings to have a one on one time with their teachers and see how their child is progressing. It also provides emotional care for the families because they know that their children are in a safe and secure environment.
Oxfam give support to children and families by helping countries build and equip schools. This supports the children along with their families through getting proper education and care thereby helping to shape their future. They also support them by giving health and physical care by giving a sense of emotional security to those unfortunate families in other countries. Oxfam raises money to provide food, drink and education for them to have nutritious meals every day and education for their children.

The Children Act 1989 is a law on how to treat children correctly. It is where the children are entitled to protection from abuse, neglect and exploitation. In this Act, there are two main sections; Section 17 for children who are in need and Section 47 for children who are in significant harm. In my setting, to protect the children from being harm from each other or themselves, they have a behaviour policy and have all the staff to have