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Communication in a Business Environment
1.1 – Explain why different communication methods are used in the business environment. There are many different methods of communication used in a business setting, whether those businesses are large or small. Understanding the availability and benefits, and drawbacks of the various options can help businesspeople choose the communication tools most likely to resonate with their audiences. Today communication can occur in a variety of ways, in person, through print documents, through broadcast messages or, online. The difference in communication gives more reach among customers and colleagues of different roles throughout the business.
1.2 – Describe the communication requirements of different audiences. If I know the audience e.g. Customers or Colleagues, I can communicate more effectively and confide in the said audience. My motive is to get the idea of the product across by expressing my ideas, sincerity and getting recognised and appreciated for helping the audience understand what I intended to get across. In order to achieve this I need to satisfy the audience with communication, confidence and products in that they are interested in. So I need to learn or find out what they expect off me, what mood they are in, and what they need and then get the ideas across.
1.3 – Explain the importance of using correct grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, spelling and conventions in business communications. The importance of using correct punctuation and spelling in a business environment is to appear strictly professional. Nobody would like to put their money into a business and speak to someone apart of that business that can’t spell or