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Childcare - Unit 1.

D1: statutory settings-
A statutory setting for children under 5 is a reception class for 4+ years, here they will learn basic skills and everyday things. For example they will learn the alphabet, days of the week, months, colours, shapes and numbers/counting. As well as being given the opportunity to do role play activities, family life etc. and explore multiple religions.
A statutory setting for children aged 5-7 would be a key stage 1 class. Here they will learn more complex things in comparison to a reception. Such as basic and age appropriate English and maths etc. They will be taught about and celebrate different religions and religious holidays (Christmas, Diwali, Chinese New Year etc.)

D2: provisional settings-

D3: professionals and agencies-

D4: confidentiality-
Keeping information about children and their families private is extremely important. You can keep information confidential by: keeping files safe and secure in a locked filing cabinet in an office or room that cannot be accessed by anybody apart from specific staff. Or, if you're keeping information on a computer make sure that you have passwords on folders and that the computer screen is always facing you/a wall. These should also be kept in a private room.
Sharing private information ("gossiping") about a child and/or their family can lead to the family removing their child from the setting and much worse, other families may do the same

D5: preparing to work in a placement-
There are a number of things you can do in preparation for working in a setting. For example making sure you get enough sleep the night before, planning your route to avoid any delays where possible and leaving early to ensure that you'll arrive at least 10 minutes early; this will allow you to be wide awake and prompt and show that you are punctual and keen to work.
As for appearance some key points are: tie your hair back if it’s long because babies and children are likely to grab/pull/suck on hair. Wear appropriate trousers, small skirts are no good for bending down as they can be