Unit 1 Assignment 1 Diabetes Essay example

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Unit 1 Assignment 1: Diabetes
Courtny Cochran
Patient: 13 year old who was just diagnosed with Diabetes
Diabetes is a disease in which your blood glucose, or blood sugar, is too high. Your sugar is high either because your pancreas is not producing any insulin at all or your body’s cells are not responding to the insulin that is produced, or both. This is a homeostatic imbalance. A homeostatic imbalance is any disruption with any of your organ systems. Your pancreas is part of your endocrine organ system. This organ contains special cells that cluster together to secrete insulin and glucagon. This helps to regulate your blood glucose. It is very important that your sugar stays regulated, because it can be used by many body parts. This is one way that your body gains energy. The glucose that your body does not use is then stored for when it is needed. Glucose is stored in the muscle, fat, and liver cells. If your glucose is not controlled it could cause other problems to wrong within your body. Because diabetes go hand in hand with high blood pressure and is associated with high cholesterol, there is a higher possibility that it could lead to heart attacks or cardiovascular diseases. Since diabetes can raise your blood pressure and cholesterol, you are also at a higher risk of strokes. Your nerves are seriously affected if not treated correctly. Your nerves are involved in so many other parts of your body functions such as digestion, sex, reproduction, and even