Essay on Unit 1-Assignment 2 Health & Social Care

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In this assignment, I will talk about developing Effective Communication in Health and Social Care. In order to achieve, I will explain the role of Effective communication and Interpersonal Reaction in a Health and Social Care setting context. I will also discuss theories of communication such as Formal and Informal communication. In order to have good communication skills it is important to understand the effectiveness of communication and interaction formed between people.

Explain the role of Effective Communication and Interpersonal Interaction in a Health and Social Care context. (P1)

Effective Communication
“Effective communication takes place when one person transmits ideas or feelings to another person or group. Its
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Finally, communication between colleagues can be informal and care workers can use communication their skills to develop trust and respect which is important.

Communication between professional people and service users
Usually, professional care givers such as nurses and doctors, when working, use their own specialised language community. A language community is a society of people that have their own special way to communicate with different groups. However, oftentimes, professionals are well informed that translating technical language into everyday language when working with people from other professions and to those who use the services is vital. Professionals must to ensure that they are being understood which is important.

Verbal and Non-Verbal
Following on from Formal and Informal ways of expressing oneself, communication is also expressed by means of Verbal and Non-Verbal. Verbal communication is a way for people to communication via telephone or face to face. The key elements of Verbal Communication are sound, words, speaking and language. Excellent Verbal Communication is the ability to make clear and put forward your ideas through spoken words and listening vigilantly.
Non verbal communication is a form of Interpersonal Interaction and is a type of communication that is conducted through the use of gesticulating and eye movements. Non-verbal communication is about all other forms of communication which is