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Unit 1 assignment- An introduction to working with children
E1: Describe three different types of settings which provide care and education for children in your area.
Statutory sector: Primary school- They aim to provide an education for children between the ages of 4-11. They create an educational and safe environment for the children to learn, play and express themselves. They run in term time only and have opening times of 8:40am-3:30pm.
Secondary school- They aim to provide an education for children between the ages of 11-16. They create an environment in which children can learn and have a number of sources of help for the students. They run in term time only and have an opening time of 8:40am-3:20pm. Voluntary sector: After school club- They aim to care for children when the school day finishes. They provide the children with food and equipment to play with. They also offer help with homework to students. They run in the term time and sometimes in the half terms and summer holidays and have opening times of 3:30pm-6:30pm.
Nursery- They aim to provide children with the resources to play, express themselves and to do things they may not have done before such as painting. They also aim to give children a sense of independence for example allowing them to poor their own milk from a plastic jug into their cup at snack time. They also often have story time to inspire the children to look at the different books and this can be very education to the children. They are open in term time only and are open Monday to Wednesday 9am-3:30 and Thursday-Friday 9am-12pm.
Private sector: Private nursery- They aim to provide children with the resources to play and express themselves and provide them with a safe environment to play in. They provide for children from 3months old to 5 years old. They are open Monday-Friday from 8am-6pm and are open throughout the year apart from Christmas.
Crèche- They aim to care for children whilst their parents are busy, they ensure the children are safe and are entertained, changed and fed whilst their parents are away, the variety of services needed for the individual depends on the time length of the separation from the parent. They allow the parents to be able to do things, such as work or have an education without needing to spend a lot of money for childcare. They can be found in a variety of places such as colleges, gyms etc. Their open times depends on where they are placed, this particular crèche is open throughout the year apart from Christmas and is open from 7am-7pm.
E2: Describe how each of the different types of settings that you have chosen to write about in E1 supports children and their families.
Statutory sector: Primary school- This setting supports children in the way of education mostly as children learn to communicate which is a key thing for them to be able to do as they always need to communicate with people, whether it’s their friends, family or teachers. This will enhance as they gradually get older however it is important for them to first learn it in primary school. They learn to be independent which is also a vital thing for them to learn as they will need to use it more and more as they get older, the primary school enhances this through the years by the children getting changed for physical education where they have to dress and undress themselves and by getting their lunch for themselves and eating it independently. The most important thing they support children in is their education, this is key to opening all doors for their future and they adapt the education for each year and different abilities of the children in the class. They learn how to express themselves, for younger children they often do not know how to express themselves so therefore most do it through play, however as they get older they can express it through actions, voice or their work. Another key thing is that they get used to separation from their parents which is vital for them to learn