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A. Reflect on the importance of a child centred approach There have been many theorists who have helped us to understand the importance of child centred learning and their research and theories are widely used to educated children today. Frobel believed that children learn through imaginary play and creative self activity and created the concept of the kindergarten which included singing, dancing, gardening and self directed play. Montessori believed that children’s natural curiosity should be encouraged and they should have the freedom of movement within the classroom and be taught through real play to encourage independence and life skills by using everyday objects like mops and sweeping brushes. Dewey believed that education and learning are an interactive process and children thrive when they are able to explore their environments, he believed that education should teach children to learn how to live. Dewey believed that the most effective way to teach was to link teaching to experiences to help the children relate to the new information. Dewey also raised the point that child based learning should be mixed with adult led learning to be affective and there should be a structured balanced between the two. Adult led learning

Forrest School is another child centred approach to teaching education and outdoor play giving children the opportunity to explore outdoors. Both programs help children to experience, explore, discover, create, question and find answers in