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Instituting a Uniform Policy in U.S. Public Schools
Christine Bronson
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English Composition II: ENGL107 - 1405A – 22
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This paper is a persuasive essay on the instituting of school uniform policies in U. S. public schools. It is written from the author’s point of view and opinions. There is no required research, therefore no references are given. The counterpoint of infringing on self-expression is discussed along with the first point of dressing for success. The second topic goes over the ability to diminish social barriers with the placing of a uniform policy; it touches on the removal of social pressure to fit in. The third point talks about students achieving better grades and attendance records because they are more focused on academics rather than clothing decisions.
Instituting a Uniform Policy in U.S. Public Schools
The great debate in the U.S. educational system is whether or not to place a uniform policy in the public schools. Parents and administrators are divided on whether it is right or wrong, and whether it will be seen as an infringement on a student’s right to self-expression. It is self-expression that seems to be the leading argument stone-walling the decision process. Looking to Europe, more closely to England who has had uniform policies in place for decades and longer, can help give answers to that long debates question. Students need a more focused, professional type atmosphere to help them succeed. Instituting a uniform policy in all public schools must be a top priority across the United States.
Dress for Success
It is believed that having uniforms in public schools violates a student's right to freedom of self-expression. However, it is no different than having a job that requires a uniform; such as a law firm requiring that its male employees wear a suit, tie, and dress shoes daily. A top issue brought up concerning school uniforms is freedom of expression. Having the students’ creativity restricted is a worry for many parents and school personnel. However, these things can be taken into account when writing the policy. Students can be given choices such as with different allowed colors and pant types. For example, a student could choose to wear long pants today and shorts tomorrow and they could have a color choice like black or brown. Also, there are many other ways for students to express themselves besides clothing; such as artistically. A wonderful benefit to wearing uniforms is that they teach children to dress for success. From employers which require uniforms or particular types of dress, to professional setting which require employees to wear suits; it is important in today’s employment market to look as professional as possible. School uniforms are designed to look more like the clothing required for a high paying job, therefore requiring uniforms while in school teaches students to dress as if preparing for future employment.
Diminishing the Barriers
Requiring students in public schools to wear uniforms will help diminish social class barriers between them. Growing up is difficult enough without the social pressures of fitting in and being part of the crowd. If one student in better off financially than the other, it shows in the clothing that is worn. Peer pressure to fit into the style of one group or another can make a student’s life complicated, so much so that education is no longer the main focus. Children need to not think about what they are going to wear that day, and focus on assignments and tests instead. The need to dress in the latest style in order to fit in is taken away, leaving them less influenced by peer pressure to wear articles by certain manufactures. Blending the social classes together is possible with school uniforms. With everyone dressing in the same