Unit 1 Lesson 1 Key Question Biology SBI4U Essay

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Unit 1 Lesson 1 Key Question Biology SBI4U-C ILC
1) Mg2+ Has 10 electrons.
2) Carbon -14 would not be effective at dating bones that are millions of years old. Carbon -14 is effective at dating to a maximum of 40 000 to 50 000 years old. The isotope decays over time and would not be present on bones that are millions of years old.
3) Hydrolysis - Water used to breakdown molecules. Hydro means water and lysis means to breakdown. An example of hydrolysis in action within our bodies is how our body breaks down protein into amino acids. Water is used to break protein down in to its amino acids.

Condensation- Condensation is when two molecules combine and form one bigger molecule. It is exact opposite process of hydrolysis. It is also
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For the reaction to occur, the reactions have to overcome the activation energy barrier. The enzymes work by lowering the activation energy. The two substrates are bounded and optimally positioned, the reaction can proceed to form or break chemical bonds.
You must mention the presence of successive collisions.
9)a) Enzymes work in very limited temperature and Ph range. If Ph is altered even slightly it can slow down or completely stop the enzymes action. It is a concept known as enzyme specificity. When pH of a particular medium changes, it leads to alteration in the shape of the enzyme or the substrate and if denaturation occurs the process stops completely.
b) The relationship between rate of reaction and concentration of substrate depends on the affinity of the enzyme for its substrate. The higher the substrate concentration the more quickly product is produced (rate of reaction increases) until enzyme saturation is reached at which time more substrate has no further effect.
10)Enzyme A the Optimal Ph seems to be Ph4 and Optimal Temperature seems to be 370 c.
Enzyme B the optimal Ph seems to be Ph7 and the optimal temperature is a range between 40c -80oc.
Enzyme C the optimal Ph seems to be a range between Ph1 and Ph 13 and the optimal temperature seems to be 200c.

11)Three benefits of enzymes in food technology are: