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Psychology 201: Unit 1 Notes

1. GOALS a) Describing behavior- to create concepts on any field of study; distinguishes between any field of study b) Understand- every behavior takes place in a context & placed in an environment ex. 90% of us have never participated in road rage c) Prediction- Can predict behavior cause we’re alike – we have commonalities 51% of our behavior is in common (inherited) most of our behavior is in our DNA – understand how it precedes over time- d) Change/Influence- Even during prenatal your trying to influence behavior (change)

APA is over 100 years old
2 big divisions: Rational v Applied – work together ex. Ideas

3. Branches: 55 different branches of Psychology a) General: What we have in common ex. Behavior & Physiology
- Easier to be subjective than objective b) Experimental: 1) Series of observations- make sure what were studying occurs regularly. Rule out chance!! 95%-98% accuracy
2) Under controlled conditions- rule out bias (undue influence)
3) Purpose of testing a hypothesis- educated guess, purpose of doing research hypotheses number is not limited c) Differential: Working with differences ex. What causes differences, what are the differences, does the difference make a difference, how big they are * Gender & Race: biggest difference * 7 billion people on earth: Largest group you belong to * Gender: 2nd biggest group you belong to d) Comparative: Comparisons are made: animals, humans, statistics * The Double Helix book published in 1954 by Watson (US) & Crick (England), received the Nobel Prize (greatest reward in the world) * 1st to report about genomes (proteins) * Human Genome Project: Genome- combo of 2 things, genes & chromosomes * After book came out US got into business to find out how many genes we have * 2/3 Private Industries tried to beat US Government on this; they did better late ‘90s (’97-’98) * 2003 ABSOLUTELY FINISHED * 21st Century anything related to genes is wide open (jobs, research, etc.) * Genes have 500 diseases, within you * 30,000 genes separate us from a chimpanzee (closest relative) * Micro technology: NICU: Neonatal ICU * Animal & Human experimentation e) Developmental: Lifecycle: From ContraceptionDeath * From 2 cellsbillions of cells * An elephant has a 22 month pregnancy * 9 months divided into 3 trimesters (3 months each) * Change in development: change over time that is permanent * Longevity- amount of time we live after birth Men: 78 Women: 83 (avg.) f) Social: Group behavior (2 + people) * Humanity 1st largest group you belong to * Gender 2nd largest group you belong to * You belong to hundreds of groups * Groups: Intragroup- what happens in one group * Intergroup behavior- between groups * Kitty Genevieve died cause NO ONE did anything to help; 38 witnesses g) Personology: Personality- repeated behavior (characteristic) of you * Your characteristic way of thinking, feeling, acting (definition) * Domains: Cognitive thinking, intelligence, mind * Affective – emotions, feelings, sensitivityhow we understand real behavior h) Abnormal: Study of abnormal behavior * Normal: average (norm) ideal of what society will accept * Changes over time * Neurotic/Psychotic- what separates the 2 is reality testing * Neurotics build castles in the sky & psychotics live in them
Fantasy productions (not real) lose ability to test reality i) Mathematical: Math is a universal language * Psychometrics- Quantifying behavior- a # stands for behavior * Ex. IQ (Intelligence Quotient) 97% of all people in the world has an IQ of 90-110 pts. * GT in FCPS cutoff is a 140 + IQ * 1906 France, First IQ Test * We (US) develops largest # of tests in the world * Stanford U took over 1st IQ Test &…