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P2/M1 Task
Accommodation – Premier Inn

Meeting key organisational aims
Premier Inn’s aims are to deliver an affordable experience for people temporarily all around the UK. Their main aims are to deliver a friendly environment so that their customers feel comfortable when doing business with the franchise. They are able to deliver this aim by providing the basic requirements in their rooms without having expensive alternatives. This means that the people are able to have the comfort of doing what they want to do without having issues that would interfere with their objective such as not having a bed in the room to sleep over or having enough pillows. This means that Premier inn can be a cheap alternative for other accommodation chains.

Provides products and services

(Source http://www.premierinn.com/en/why/Buy_our_bed.html)
This source shows that premier inn uses comfortable beds so that they deliver a good basic service for an affordable price.
To be responsible to stakeholders They are responsible to their stakeholders since they are continuously expanding. They have opened up 650 franchises around the UK and they plan to open up another 150 by 2018. This would be an impressive milestone therefore would be responsible for their stakeholders since they would be making more money for them and delivering a better service by having locations more thorough around the UK. By having many small franchises around the UK, they are able to appeal to more local residents to where the franchise is located so that they are delivering the service to more people around the UK. This would also help them seem as a household name since their brand and logo would be seen all over the place meaning they would seem more reliable and trustworthy when doing business with for the average person.
To be environmentally and ethically responsible
Premier inn are ethically responsible for their actions by offering complete money back with no affect to a customer's statutory rights if the customer feels that they did not have a good night sleep. This gives the customer confidence and shows that premier inn wish to act ethically since they don't believe that customers should have to pay if the service they provide isn't the best.

Meets key organisational aims
British Airways: The aims of BA is to meet the needs of passengers by providing travel on the routes demanded and good in-flight service, meet the needs of freight customers, to fulfil their responsibility to their shareholders since they expect British Airways to make a profit and provide a return on investment, to provide good working conditions to staff- the airline employs more than 40,000 people.
Provides products and services
BA are developing and delivering Inflight Service Standards that enable cabin crew to deliver their products and service propositions. BA has a great number of different stakeholders groups however 10 of them are considered the most dominant.
To be responsible to stakeholders
Boeing and Airbus are the main BA suppliers. They have good interest and make an impact on the company. BA has only one fuel supplier meaning it also has the power over the decisions made by BA.
To be environmentally and ethically responsible
British Airways is trying to be a good corporate citizen with lowering the carbon footprint and having a satisfying relationship with the local communities and does present itself as a socially responsible company.
To contribute to UK and international economies
British Airways contribute towards the UK's economy since they would be paying taxes towards the government since they are a large organisation. They would also contribute towards international economies since they would also be operating as a medium to send tourists into another country for their holiday.
Meets key organisational aims
Visit Britain – Visit Britain is an example of a public owned company. Their role is to not make a profit, but to however deliver a