Methods Of Communication Research

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Table of methods of communication Method of Communication
(who could you send it to?)

Poster Communications are primarily a tool to allow authors to discuss their research with others. They should contain enough information, together with that in the published abstract, to give readers a good overall understanding of the research. Authors should follow recommendations on font and text size closely. Choice of colours etc. is up to the authors but legibility is paramount - colour clashes (e.g. green text on red background) should be avoided.
You can stick a poster around the area that have many people walk pass.
If the colour is bright people with get attracted to it and have some interest of reading it. You don’t have to make a lot poster to send it to individual people.

A letter is a written message containing information from one party to another. The role of letters in communication has changed significantly since the nineteenth century. Historically, letters (in paper form) were the only reliable means of communication between two people in different locations.
Send it to your boss by using formal language. it look neat and look more professional and another way of communication.

The electronic transmission of mail allows you to send formatted text and images to someone else with an email address.

You can use email and send it to your friend or family.
It free to send it and it quick so the another party with get your message straight away. You can attached picture and file from your computer as well.

You can send the text really fast and you can do it from anywhere with mobile
You can send it to anyone you want to
It quick and the party can receive it instantly

If you have something to say,