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Understanding Good
Customer Service

Unit : 1

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Ground Rules
Fire alarms
Fire Exists
Mobile Phones on Silent Please?
Please respect others, do not talk over others
Minimum disturbance
Complaints/Queries: please contact our office

Ice Breaker …
 Tell

me your name and one thing about yourself  It

cannot be said again ..


and Diversity Video

Learning outcomes
The aim of this session is for you to develop an understanding of:


characteristics of customer and their expectations


customers service is delivered in organisations


service practices and procedures


and external regulations that relate to

customer service

1. The characteristics of customer and their expectations Who

are your customers?

tell me …. 

Internal is working for the same organisation

External is the purchasers or service user

Internal Customer

Colleagues, supervisors, staff, suppliers, agents, administration, receptionist, cleaners

External customers and there characteristics

existing customers,

new customers,

groups or other organisations,

different ages;

different cultures;


families; with special needs (visual, hearing, mobility impairments)

1. Typical Customers

main characteristics -

you tell me

purchasing goods/services,

Needing goods/service,

seeking advice,

having problems,

making queries

1. Customer expectation and satisfaction definition of your customer service

You must be able to IDENTIFY the customer needs

value for money

accuracy and reliability

Providing information and advice

providing assistance and help

organisational targets;

dealing with special needs;

dealing with problems;

health and safety;


1. Exceeding customer expectations

providing information and advice quickly

providing additional help and assistance

dealing promptly with problems;


offer of additional products or services

exceptional help and assistance for customers with special requirements Falling short of customer expectations 

Make Four teams please

Appoint one spokes person


Excuses, Excuses,
Excuses ….

1. Falling short of customer expectations 

unable to meet expectations;

unable to deliver on promise;

lack of communication;


talking to others;

lack of care;

no explanation

You must deliver excellent customer services

2. Know how customer service is delivered in organisations

you know how your organisation is run?

2. Responsibilities

supervisor (training, assessing, day-to-day responsibility,

supervision, source of help, dealing with queries/problems);

line manager/manageress;

(supervision, greater responsibility, greater authority, source of information, checking, audit)

2. Customer service roles


contact centre worker;

shop assistant;

delivery driver;

staff not offering direct customer service (cleaners, gardeners, engineers) 

entrance supervisors;

account manager

How good are you at your job?

Activity – after session
Phone Call

2. Information needed to deliver good customer service


informative, - giving useful information

instructive, - step by step instructions