Unit 1 Vocabulary Essay

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Bene is latin for "Well"

Benediction - A prayer that asks for God's blessing, especially a prayer that concludes a worship service.
Benefactor - Someone who helps another person or group, especially by giving money.
Beneficiary - A perspn or organization that benefits or is expected to benefit from something, especially one that receives money or property when someone dies.
Benevolence - Kidness, Generosity

AM comes from Latin Amare "To love" or "Friend"

Amicable - Friendly, Peaceful
Enamored - Charmed or fascinated;inflamed with love.
Amorous - Having or showing srong feelings of attraction or love
Paramour - A lover, often secret, not allowed by law or custom.

BELL comes from Latin word meaning of war

Antebellum - Existing before a war, especially before the American Civil War.
Bellicose - Warlike, aggressive, quarrelsome.
Belligerence - Aggressiveness, Combativeness.
Rebellion - Open defiance and opposition, sometimes armed, to a person or thing in authority.

PAC Latin words for "agree" and "peace"

Pacify - To soothe anger or agitation. To subdue by armed action.
Pacifist - A person opposed to war or violence, especially someone who refuses to bear arms or to fight, on moral or religious grounds.
Pact - An agreement between two or more people or groups
Pace - Contrary to the opinion of

CRIM comes from Latin "fault or crime" or "accusation"

Criminology - The study of crime, criminals, law enforcement, or punishment.
Decriminalize - To remove or reduce the criminal status of
Incriminate - To show evidence of involvment in a crime or a fault.
Recrimination - An accusation in answer to another accusation being made against oneself

PROB Latin words "prove or proof" "honesty or integrity"

Probate - The process of proving in court that the will of someone who has died is valid, and of administering the estate of a dead person.
Probity - Absolute honesty an uprightness
Reprobate - A person of thoroughly bad character.

GRAV Latin word for "heavy, weighty, serious"

Grave - Requiring serious thought or concern.
Gravitas - Great or very dignified seriousness.
Gravitate - To move or be drawn toward