Unit 1 Web Exploration Essay

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Unit 1 Web Exploration

I. Topic/Explanation: In the Unit 1 reading, critical thinking was a core subject. It is mentioned, critical thinking involves steps that lead not only to your unique creativity but allows you to set aside emotional and reactive thinking so your critical thinking can grow to allow you to be a better problem solver. Critical thinking teaches you to develop the skills to analyze, research, and evaluate; making it an important part of the business industry. I found the subject of critical thinking to be very interesting because there were several qualities I could improve on and further develop.

II. Website Summary: While researching I came across a website that provided an article defining critical thinking. The article explained how critical thinking is an intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully analyzing and/or evaluating information gathered from observation, experience, or communication. It was explained critical thinking can have two components; a set of information developing and processing skills, and using those skills to guide your behavior, transforming them into habit. The article explains how easily influenced our lives impact our critical thinking skills. What we expose ourselves to and how well we educate ourselves are core factors to being a cultivated critical thinker.

The Critical Thinking Community; Defining Critical Thinking; http://www.criticalthinking.org/pages/defining-critical-thinking/766

III. Value…