Unit 1 Writing assignment Essay

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Unit 1 Writing assignment
2/6/2015 12:44 PM (William Mcdaniel)

Unit 1 Writing assignment
2/6/2015 12:44 PM (William Mcdaniel)

I don't know if I'm doing this correctly or not but here goes. On October 28 1998 my mom died of a massive heart attack. I was what you might refer to as a mama's boy. I loved my mom more than anything in this world. I was a rather troubled young man always getting into some sort of trouble, but my mom was always there to bail me out and on more than one occasion in the literal sense. I was 26 years old and had been involved in several serious relationships but they always seemed to be problematic because I always put my mom first before anyone that I was dating. On February 12 1998 I met a young lady named Lori Hyatt and I fell completely in love with this young lady. From February until October Lori and my mom developed a great relationship, but I for some reason still had trouble with putting Lori first in our relationship. On October 28 1998 the problem I guess you could say sort of took care of itself. When my mom died I was a complete basket case. Lori was there for me never leaving my side and doing any and everything for me. She knew what my mom meant to me and did everything in her power to make my life a little easier. I ended up marrying this woman and she became the mother of my two children. Years after my mom had gone I was going through a box of letters and cards that my mom had written to me through the years and I found a letter inside an envelope that had never been opened. I suppose that my mom placed it in my little box, she knew that I kept it. It was a letter from her telling me that she could see the love that I had for Lori and that if I wanted to have a successful relationship with this woman I was going to have to let her (my mom) take the backseat to Lori. She explained how very much she loved me and also that she loved Lori but that I would lose her if I didn't give her the respect of being number 1 in my