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Unit 10- understand child and young personal development

When viewing a child's development its key to remember to do this in an holistic way as children all develop at different rates Most children will follow a pattern of development, which consists of the rate and sequence of development; but it will depend on the child the age at which the target is met may vary.

The main difference between the rate of development and the sequence of development is that the rate of development is a usual time frame given on average on how a child should develop given their age; an example of this would be that by the age of seven a child should have developed the ability to control their fine motor skills and become confident with tasks such as cutting. All children are unique and will develop at their own rate meaning that the rate of development is just an average.

The sequence of development is the order in which development should take place; an example would be that a child would learn to crawl before they learn to walk however sometimes parts of the sequence are missed which could mean that a child would roll to move around before the could walk then possibly learn to crawl afterwards.

Development is often split into different areas to which most of them overlap. This would to be taken into account when working with children in the same age group meaning that not only would the specific areas have been thought of but also the overall outcome ensuring that all