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1.1 For me, within my responsibilities I would explain my practice of equality as the way in which I treat every child and visitor as an individual. Equality means to treat them equally and not the same as one child’s needs may be greater than another person’s needs however I would show each child equal respect. I don’t treat people differently based on their gender, race, age, culture or religion. If a person has a disability I do not treat them with any less respect and attention. I provide every child with the same opportunities to encourage them to reach their individual potentials.
To me I show diversity in my working role and responsibilities by understanding that we are all unique as individuals but yet all very similar. The children all have different needs, interests, developmental abilities but yet we are all human and all need to feel safe and secure, I treat each child at the nursery by respecting their differences and acknowledging their individualities. I pride myself on knowing what each child likes to do most, what I can do to get a particular child to engage with me.
Within my responsibilities and role I ensure inclusion is of a high standard. Regardless of a child’s differences they are given the same opportunities as the others; they are encouraged to participate in play and activities. I promote positive outcomes with every individual child in a way they like best. Every child is given the opportunity to grow, develop and to feel they are valued and have the ability to achieve their dreams, regardless of any differences they may have.
Being deputy leader at the setting it is also partly my responsibility to ensure the other team members also promote equality, diversity and inclusion by remembering the policies we have at the setting and that it is important they uphold them to the best of their ability. I promote good ethics by showing I don’t treat any child any different to the next child. This is good working practice of the others then doing as they see being done. Every child s given privacy when it’s needed, their wishes and needs are the important aspect of every day. As a whole we are responsible for the protection of all our children from abuse and harm and so we each log any concerns or worries we have. This helps us ensure that no child is forgotten about or left to feel we don’t care about them. I treat each child with dignity when required.
It is important that w not only follow the settings policies but also the national minimum standards and the CSSIW all have requirements that need to be met. It is again part of my responsibility to ensure all staff members are aware and follow these procedures and respond to any changes in legislations, acts, and national initiatives. It may be part of my job role to also receive and follow up on any complaints we may receive regarding equality, diversity and inclusion. I wouldn’t necessarily do this alone though but would work closely with the settings leader and head office.

1.2 There can be several barriers to equality and inclusion within my role of responsibilities and these all have their own set of potential effects on me and others, barriers such as gender, age, disabilities, religion and culture. There may also be communication barriers or literacy and language barriers that can affect equality and inclusion too.
The potential effects to these barriers can be anything from lowering self-esteem and self-confidence in the individual to harm and abuse upon and individual. When someone feels they are been excluded they begin to feel there must be something wrong with themselves and this can start a downward spiral of negativity throughout their everyday life.
Within my role I have to ensure that everyone is treated equally and as an individual with their own personal needs being met without special treatment being given. So I do this by always having good planning and to have thought about the diverse needs within the setting between all the