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Unit 10 M2
Customer 1
James Howard is a Senior Manager for an International Hotel Chain and he is based in London. He wants to go to Las Vegas for 4 days, staying in the hotel and casino Monte Carlo. Has he is business person I have booked him a ticket him a business class ticket to Las Vegas which means that he will be having a comfortable flight and that he will be able to do his work while he is on the plane.
For the in the hotel Monte Carlo I have booked him a spa suit; staying five nights from the 12 of July till the 17 of July for the price of £487.94. This meets his need has he only wanted to stay four day in Las Vegas and also staying in room where he can do he is work and relax as well.
James also wanted to have a few days of relaxation in Mexico or the Caribbean. He wants luxury! He doesn’t mind paying any room upgrade costs. James has no preference in terms of airlines; however, he does want to work during his flights, so will need plenty of room for his laptop and papers and would also like the option of having a sleep so that he arrives feeling as fresh as possible in Vegas. I have booked him flight to Barbados with the Expedia Company. This will meet the customers as he will be flying on the business class so he will be relaxing while the flying and if he wants he can do some of his work. It’s not a direct flight but he will be able to fly comfortable as they will provide everything he needs. Also because it is a flight that meets destinations that he wants to go.
For the hotel in Barbados I have booked him at the Colony Club by Elegant Hotel on a suit with a ocean view for 7 nights for the price of 2,834.37. This meets the customers need as it a luxury hotel very expensive but the customer doesn’t mind the price. He will be staying in a big room where he will have enough space to do his work and where he can also relax and enjoy the ocean view.
James needed to be collected from the airport in Vegas and will need the use of a chauffeured vehicle throughout his stay. He has previously used A1 Worldwide Limousines, opting for a luxury sedan. In the second part of the trip he only needs transportation to the hotel. I have booked the transport at ( website, he will be travelling and he will be picked up at the airport and dropped at the hotel; also if he wants to go somewhere, limo company will pick him up as well. He will pay £302 for booking a limo. This meets the customer needs has he will be picked up by a limo at the airport and drooped at the hotel and then the limo company can take him wherever he wants while he is in Barbados.
Customer 2
I have booked tickets for 6 models which models going to Paris. The fashion shows, will take place on the last Saturday of next month in Paris. The models will be required for rehearsals early on the Friday morning. They will then travel on to the next gig in Nice on Sunday afternoon/evening. There will be another fashion show on Monday and as there is likely to be an after-show party, they will need to keep their rooms for a late check-out. They will return to the UK direct from Nice.
As they come from London and Manchester I have booked 2 different flights.
Kate Boss, Naomi Campwell and Lily Mole will all be travelling from Manchester. They will be flying with