Unit 11 Health Plan Essay

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My Health Plan for Mark
This is my plan to improve the health and wellbeing of Mark. These are my views and opinions on how Mark can improve his health by improving his physical, emotional, intellectual and social factors within his lifestyle.
Mark needs to go back to the gym straight away he needs to be exercising this will help him with his weight and with his blood pressure. By exercising frequently he can reduce his weight and this will reduce the pressure on his heart. Exercising helps with the flow of blood around the body giving energy to the blood that is in your veins so this will help Mark immensely with keeping his blood pressure down to a normal reading. I recommend that he goes to the gym at least three times a week and spend two hours for each session this can consist of cardio training, weights and swimming.
Mark likes to socialise and when he is out he drinks a lot. He needs to cut down slowly the amount of alcohol he drinks a week. Men should drink no more than 21 units of alcohol per week, no more than four units in any one day, and have at least two alcohol-free days a week. Mark drinks 60 units a week which is way too much. The liver processes alcohol. It can only cope with so much at a time. Drinking more alcohol than the liver can cope with can damage liver cells and produce toxic by-product chemicals. The more he drinks, and especially above the recommended limits, the greater the risk of him developing serious problems such as: liver disease (cirrhosis or hepatitis); cancer; gut and pancreas disorders; depression; anxiety; sexual difficulties; muscle and heart muscle disease; high blood pressure; damage to nervous tissue; serious accidents; obesity (alcohol is calorie-rich). He will need to gradually wean himself off of alcohol because he could end up having withdrawal symptoms. Mild alcohol withdrawal symptoms may occur within 24 hours after the last drink and include insomnia, anxiety, sweating, stomach upset and raised blood pressure. Severe reactions may result in tremors, disorientation, but if he does it slowly he won’t have these symptoms. I am not saying that Mark can-not drink but he has to reduce the amount he does drink for a healthier life. He can do this by drinking slower and having fewer drinks a day. Mark doesn’t go out every day he stays at home twice a week which is good as the government does recommend that you should at least have 2 days without drinking alcohol a week.
I will be starting Mark on a calorie controlled diet starting him with 2500 calories per day and going down to 2000 per day after 4 weeks. At the same time I am preparing him a diet plan with all the foods he can or can’t eat plus the diet plan will have all the nutrition’s Mark will need for a healthy diet. The diet plan will also include limits on his salt, sugar and fat intake. The diet plans that I have prepared for Mark are very easy recipes and he will be able to pass them on to his partner so she can prepare them for him. These diet plans will help him lose weight and also at the same time he will be having all the proteins, nutrients and vitamins that his body needs. I have chosen these two different plans because the 2500 calorie has more protein and carbohydrates in it which he will need for energy while burning off his access weight. The 2000 calorie one has less protein and carbohydrates because he will not need as much