UNIT 11 NVQ 3 Essay

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UNIT 11 – Principles of Personal Development in Adult Social Care
Reflective Practise is the ability to look back on a situation or activity that you have done, and thinking about how it could have been done differently. It helps us to develop different approaches and to gain new insights into ways in which we learn.
Everyone had different values, beliefs and preferences, and this is what makes a person an individual. People generally tend to favour other individuals who share the same or similar ideals to themselves, but working within the Adult Health and Social Care Sector you are bound to come across several people who have different ideals to yourself. It is important to adopt an open minded approach and understanding to other peoples beliefs, and not expect them to conform or cooperate to your ideals as this can only cause further complications and conflicts.
Constructive feedback includes both positive feedback and opportunities for future development and people’s reactions to receiving constructive feedback can vary. Where some may agree to what is being said and show a desire to improve by asking questions or for further feedback others can become defensive or anxious and focus on what the deem to be “negative feedback”, and others may look for reassurance.
It is just as important to seek feedback when needed as this enables you to identify areas for improvement and also shows that you are able to learn and listen to others. Seeking feedback also determines what is already working well and shows that you are open to improving your own practice.
It is important to use feedback in order to ensure that your practice meets the changing needs of the individuals within your care and to raise awareness of both your strengths and your weaknesses within your role. When you actively use your feedback it shows that you have actively listened to what others have said and