Unit 11 P1 and P2 Essay

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Firstly when being sales staff there is a lot of responsibility that you have to take in account. For example sales staff should have some understanding about the product. This includes features, benefits, and the cost of the specific product that the customer wants to purchase. For example if a sales staff were to sell a computer his/her knowledge should be: Specification of the computer Hard drive CPU (Central processing unit) Memory Software win XP or win 7 including (Word/Excel/PowerPoint.Etc.) Other warranty benefits that come with the computer Extra warranty should be provided.

Another important point would be to provide information. For example sales staff should explain in detail the main
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Outward is the proactive marketing in which the customers either who exist already or the prospective ones are all contacted directly for the purpose of the marketing. The Inward telemarketing includes the reaction and reception of the orders and also information coming in so as to explain the customer about the product and give detailed information on which they are interested.


There are some laws that are there to protect customers such as:

Sales of goods act 1979 and 19955 which means all good sells must be described as satisfactory quality and fit the purpose for which they are intended.

Consumer protection act 1987 which means the products that you sell to your customers must be safe.

Several businesses have policies that give their customers extra benefits, such as refund an item. This means a customer can exchange goods and get a refund within a certain limit, if they are not happy or don’t want the item they could refund the item for another product or maybe get their money back. Price matching is when a business offers to match a much cheaper price for the same product offered by the person who is selling the item. However this kind of policy is brought online.

Discounting is given to customers that spend over a certain amount or a customer who regularly shops at the store may be given a voucher as a reward.

Guarantee means when a customer buys a product and is given a guarantee just incuse the item goes faulty or