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Task 1
To: Miss Rodgers
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Date: 23/9/14

1 Introduction
The reason why QE exists is that the need of education is increasing gradually, so QE provides education system to UK and international students from ks1 to ks5. And the aim and objective for QE is to help each individual find the way that will work best for them. Thus, the school tries to surport extra-curricular activities that make sure to achieve skills, knowledge and confidence by each students in QE. And these abilities can make them forword to success. QE devote itself to achieve excellent A Level and IGCSE results. According to the data from report, the percentage of grades at A* and A was 81% and A* to B was 98%. 74% of all A-Level students in the College achieved at 3 or more A or A* grades. (From QE website). The QE website is www.qe.org. As a local business, QE made a great progress.
With the development of communication equipment, more and more people choose to use electronic communication apparatus. O2 is the commercial brand of UK Limited and is a leading digital communications company with the highest customer satisfaction for any mobile provider. (From o2 website). It is also an international business. O2 devotes to use own technology that opens up for people who are using o2 digital communication. All companies and people can choose options that are provided by o2. The business aims for helping people to get better life and be safety. Customers can buy SIM card on Internet or shops, which means it is convenient for their lives. Through this, the brand is promoted by word of mouth to acquire reputation in the mobile market.
Otherwise, the main objective of o2 is to make profit. Making a profit is a prime objective of most of firms. The website is www.o2.co.uk.

2 Internal and external sources of recruitment
Recruitment is the process of filling a job vacancy by appointing new stuff. Every business needs employees to work for it, but finding the right people can be difficult and time consuming.
Internal recruitment is filling a vacancy using existing employees. First reason why o2 recruit internally is cheaper and quicker than external recruitment. Because the process is quick to access, which means o2 only needs to put the job advertising on the noticeboard or text massage internally. People have already known the business extensively. Therefore, the introduction training cost can be reduced. The drawback is that no new fresh ideas can be introduced from outside. Otherwise, o2 has already known the strengths and weaknesses of candidates in company. The business can save time to do other things. However, business may create another vacancy that needs to be filled. Someone new may be needed to replace them in turn.
For QE, one of the advantages to use internal recruitment is to provide opportunities for promotion with in the business. Thus, employees in QE have a chance for additional responsibility, which can motivate them. The negative effort is limited choice of candidates. If there are no suitable employees to apply for the job, they also have to recruit externally.
And external recruitment is where a job vacancy is filled by appointing a candidate from outside the business. O2 recruits outside people that may bring in new way of thinking. They could find a best person to fit the vacancy. However, recruitment externally will be expensive and time-consuming. The process of selection is longer than the other one, that’s why it will cost more. As for QE, people from outside have a wider of experience of work. And it also can help students get better education.
Job center is an organisation that helps people to get a job. And as for consultant, that is a special people who provide advice in a particular area. O2 uses job center and consultant to find candidates to fit the job vacancy, but not for QE. Recruitment agency is an organisation that matches employers to employees.