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Assignment Two – Roles and Responsibilities for Emergency Responses

(P3) Identify the statutory and voluntary agencies who may work together at the scene of an emergency incident.

Firstly a statutory agency is provided by law these include police , ambulance and fire . A voluntary agency is usually provided by either a charity or a grant funded body, they are created to help meet a particular need e.g. St Johns ambulance. A case such as The April Jones case shows how both agencies worked together to try and find her . Initially the police were on their own but numerous voluntary organisations helped and played massive roles firstly the police worked with 100 mountain rescuers both there roles at this point was to find a body, having mountain rescuers also means they can access higher up places than the police making them essential for North Wales terrain . The police also worked with The Royal National Lifeboat institution (RNLI) and Coastguards. Because the RNLI and coastguards have boats there role was to look for a body, having the RNLI and coastguards means they can access areas were the police can not go e.g. sea , rivers and lakes.

(P4) - Explain the roles and responsibilities of the public services when attending at the scene of an emergency.
(M1) - Assess the roles and responsibilities of the key services attending an emergency incident.

Even though all services have different responsibilities they must all work together at a emergency incident . This can be done by establishing the chain of command , gold , silver and bronze command.

Scenario Serious RTC 2 alive 1 being unconscious and 3 dead

The Police – As the police are normally first to arrive they have many roles and responsibilities when attending a scene of an emergency these include To secure, protect and preserve the scene and to control sightseers and traffic through the use of cordons this means blocking the are of incident of to the public because it may be dangerous , The saving of life together with the other emergency services this is because emergency responders have a duty of care towards the public and and The prevention of crime.

At an event such as a RTC the police would firstly control the flow of traffic so that other responders can arrive they would also have to produce a log of the incident to inform the other services of what has happened and what needs to be done. , the police also need to reconstruct the moment of impact and take into account the markings on the road that could be anything from scuff marks on the road surface, to braking marks from the tyres. Doing this means they can draw a conclusion on who is to blame and weather charges will be pressed . By doing all of this they can control the scene of the incident while carrying out their responsibilities making it an effective way of management.

Fire and rescue service – because they are a fire and rescue service there are a lot of roles and responsibilities they need to uphold when attending the scene of an emergency these include Management of hazardous materials and protecting the environment this means not letting the surrounding environment getting polluted e.g. cleaning up chemical spills , Safety management within the inner cordon which is making sure all dangers and threats are dealt with so that the scene is no longer a danger and Life-saving through search and rescue this means being to help some in any scenario e.g. stuck or injured while hill walking .

At the scene of a RTC The first priority of the fire service is make sure that there are no dangers present at the scene such as leaking fuel and fire as this would compromise the scene later for investigation. Because a RTC has occurred This is a situation where the Fire and Ambulance service will have to work together quickly to get to the man before his injuries get worse. By doing this it is one of there main responsibilities Life-saving through search and rescue . By doing all of this they