Unit 15 Assignment 2p5 Essay

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Unit 15: Major Incidents
Assignment 2 (P5)
P5 – work of agencies at UK incident and their legal duties
Category 1: legal duties
Police Services
Polices role at a major incident scene is to co-ordinate the operation whist the major incident is taking place. Because of this it mean the police will have to liaise with the local authorities and the emergency services this makes the police responsible for most of the people in and around the scene of the incident also they are responsible for making sure the scene is preserved for investigations in inquires in the future.
Roles and Responsibilities of the Police
Saving and preserving life in conjunction with the other emergency services
The protection of property
The preservation and protection of the scene of the incident in conjunction with other investigation bodies
Identifying the deceased for HM Coroner
Co-ordinating the other emergency services and category two supporting responders
Collecting the details of casualties
Restoring order and normality at the earliest opportunity after the incident
Coordination between the local authorities and the emergency services
Fire and Rescue Services
After a major incident happens the fire services are there to aid in the preservation of life and property. They are also have a responsibility to provide humanitarian services and safe guard the environment.
Roles and responsibilities of the Fire services
To carry out search and rescue and firefighting operations.
Prevent any further escalation of the incident by tackling fires, dealing with chemical spills and other hazardous and dangerous materials.
Control the access to incident area and are responsible for the safety of everyone that are working and entering he inner cordon.
Implement and use radiation detection and monitoring equipment in radioactive material is detected or suspected to be involved in the incident
Obtain information and implement risk assessments provide the police information and advice on whether or not the public need to be evacuated from the scene of the incident
Take into account the effect the incident can have on the environment and take the right action to prevent it
Remain and the scene to ensure safety

Ambulance service
The ambulance services is are responsible for the administration of medical care and aid to those injured in an incident. They are also responsible for taking people to hospital for more medical treatment if needed.
Roles and Responsibilities of the ambulance service
Alert and mobilize NHS Staff and personnel to deal with the incident
Saving life’s alongside the other emergency services
Categorize the casualties for treatment from the minor the priority casualties
Ensure that there is appropriate transport to the hospitals
To maintain emergency cover whilst the operation is commencing and during the incident
Restore order and normality after the incident
Alert the hospital of the incident in order to prepare for casualties
Communications between the paramedics at the scene and the hospital.
Local authorises
Local authorities are there to provide general support to the emergency services by assisting with or taking over responsibility for highways/ traffic management, building/ structure safety advice, community welfare and housing.
Roles and Responsibilities
The local authorities will normally co-ordinate the return to normality phase