Unit 16 Human Resource Management in Business Essay

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unit 16 Human Resource Management in Business

Introduction In this assignment I will discuss the internal and external factors to consider when planning human resource requirements. I will also discuss how employee’s skills are identified and explain why human resource planning is important to a business.

An organisation such as Apple may in the future look at different ways to widen their market by thinking of an idea that hasn’t been touched upon yet. If Apple decided to do so then Apple would require hiring certain staff for the job. These employees may need to speak another language or possible be able to work in a completely different location. Before hiring any of these employees Apple will have to plan how they will get
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This was the Education and Skills Act 2008. The government also brought in that they would help with financial issues regarding training. If a business could not find the correct employee for the job then the government and the business could invest in training to make that person qualified for the job. This will then make the employee more qualified and thus much more employable. Therefore if a business could not find the correct person for a job they could train them. Labour market competition will have a detrimental effect on the planning of human resource, this is because if an industry within business becomes saturated then there will be a shortage of employees. This means that there will not be enough employees to satisfy all the businesses in this certain type of industry. In order for an organization or business to attract these employees they will have to increase wages, at the same time they will have to watch their costs because if they higher the wage to much they may find it hard to make a profit. Business will have to plan carefully in order to offer a pleasing wage but at the same time make a profit within the business. The changing nature of work will also have an effect because now employees have to be alto more flexible and able to change and adjust if needed. Now employees can work from home via a computer or laptop. This means that they do not have to sit in an