Unit 2 Essay

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Unit 2: Development from conception age 16 years
Task: P2.1 Describe two activities or experiences
Activity: Opportunities for encouraging children to share
Topic – Nursery
Time 9.30
No of pupils- 4
Length of session – 1hour
Intended learning resources:
Children will be able to- share glue with their fellow classmates, make spider collages
Children will be able to discuss positive aspect about their collages and also their classmates’ collages. They should be able to discuss different materials and identify them.

Plan activity: Get two glue pots out of the cupboard and four glues sticks and lay them out on the table. Get four different pots of materials; pipe cleaners, tissue paper, cut up coloured paper and wool. Put an example spider collage on the table ready for the children to look at for ideas and four empty spider collages for the children to use.
What to do
Help the children to glue the different material on the spider collage if they need it. Observe the children with the glue so they don’t eat it or argue over it and spill it on each other. Make sure if the glue is spilled to clean it up. Write the names of the children on their collage and put it to dry on the drying rack. Encourage children to share the pots of glue and different materials and not to fight over it discuss positive aspect about my collage and how well I think I did to help encourage the children to talk about what they think they did good at when making their collage.
I thought I handled the