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Throughout this task I am going to be explaining the function of research within health and social care. I am going to do this by using primary and secondary research. I will be concentrating on who did the research, what they found out, the function and who it might benefit and then discussing the function of research in a chosen area of interest.
Breast Cancer research.
The research was carried out by Novartis Oncology Global. They have pioneered the practice of precision oncology to develop the understanding of how cancers will develop, by using genetic material. It also helps us to understand the ability to develop the medication in which we give to cancer patients. This then gives the patients a better outcome as they will receive better targeted treatment. Novartis Oncology research is committed to finding and developing therapies with which they can improve the lives of patients that suffer from breast cancer. Novartis Oncology is now concentrating on the role of mTOR (mammalian target of rapamycin) as they are hoping to use this as a therapy for breast cancer patients. The people that will benefit from this research are people who suffer from breast cancer, and the purpose of this research is to find more ways in which practitioners can treat these patients. It also helps to promote the understanding of breast cancer and the different stages. For example, the individual may suffer with advanced breast cancer, which is a more serious case of breast cancer and this can usually be treated by systemic therapy. This involves a drug which will travel through the blood stream reaching the affected cells all over the body. They also promote the treatments which individuals can use or can ask their doctor for. http://www.novartisoncology.com/for-patients-and-caregivers/breast-cancer/research-and-development.jspTanning Beds
The international Agency for Research on Cancer have recently provided evidence that tanning beds can cause a cancer called melanoma and that the tanning beds are increasing the number of patients who suffer with this skin cancer. The purpose of the research is to make individuals aware of the dangers of using tanning beds regularly or even just on a one off. The skin cancer foundation is determined to decrease the occurrence of skin cancer. They do this by way of promoting and publishing public and professional education research. In June 2010 a University carried out a study to determine the amount of people who used tanning beds, and are therefore at risk of melanoma. The research carried out shows that you have a high increase of developing melanoma while using indoor tanning equipment such as tanning beds, and that over 2300 people were in this higher risk group.