Unit 2 Essay

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Ashly Aleman

April 9, 2014
Mr. Rankins
English III
Essay Unit 2

In order to get from my school to my house you need to head west on College
Park Dr and then turn left to stay on College Park Dr. You’ll drive by a burger king and walgreens then you’ll have to take interstate 45 Frontage Rd, I­45 and Interstate 45
Frontage Road to Richard Road. After a few miles turn left onto TX­242 E/College Park
Dr and continue to follow TX­242 E. Then turn right onto interstate 45 Frontage Road and in 1.4 miles take the Interstate 45 S ramp on the left and afterward merge onto I­45
S. In 2.7 miles take the exit towards Rayford Road and Sawdust Road and then merge onto Interstate 45 Frontage Road.
Then in 1.1 miles turn left onto Rayford Road and Sawdust Road and continue to follow Rayford Rd. You’ll drive by a Jack in The Box and the A Valero gas station. After the first stop light keep going straight ahead and you’ll then see a Canes Chicken fast food restaurant. Right after you see Canes Chicken turn right on that stop light right into
Richard Road and you’ll see a Walgreens to your right and you’ll see a Marios restaurant and a Subway on your left. Then you slightly turn right to go around the entrance and you will see some apartments right in front of you called “Park at
Woodland Springs”. Go through the entrance and type in the code, 2501, for the entrance gates to open. After the gates open turn onto your right and then go left and

follow the street