Unit 2 Asseessment Essay

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Unit 2 Take Home Assessment
English 11 : C
Lissette Hughes
November 28th , 2014

The central idea of the excerpt is that Romeo is stunned by Juliet's beauty . In the text Romeo makes it seems that as if Juliet is so gorgeous that there is nothing in the world that can compare to her , he feels that there is no words in the world that can be used to describe her .Romeo is tongue­tied. In the text he says “ Beauty too rich for use , for earth too dear” he is talking about
Juliet . Also he said that ‘ For i ne’ver saw true beauty till this night” he saying as if he never understood what true beauty was till this day. Shakespeare is using hyperbole to support the central idea. A piece of textual evidence that shows the use of a hyperbole is the quote “Beauty to rich for use, for earth to dear” . This is a hyperbole because Romeo is exaggerating how beautiful Juliet is he makes her seem like a goddess and no word can be used to describe her. On top of that Shakespeare also uses a metaphor as well to help explain the central idea. In the text Romeo says “ As rich jewel in an ethiop’s ear” , Romeo compares Juliet to a jewel because it stands out just like Juliet beauty. In closing Romeo basically fell in love with Juliet based off of her looks. He feels as if he thought he knew what true beauty was but once he saw Juliet he had a whole different point of view. The writing strategies that were used in the text were helpful while trying to figure out the